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Description of Firestorm Remote Edit:

Firestorm allows you to connect to any website on the Internet via FTP, and edit or update any aspect of it in a true WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment. Make changes as if you were working locally!

No HTML knowledge? ...No Problem!

For SME's, Firestorm is the ideal tool to update and edit your existing website with no coding or HTML knowledge required. Editing your website is as simple as using a basic word processor, you simply type new text directly onto your webpage. /images, links, tables - just about every aspect of your webpage - can be easily edited and saved in real time. There is no need to download or upload files manually, you simply connect, select the page you wish to edit, and make your changes! Firestorm will automatically code and format your page and upload once you have saved your changes!

For web professionals, Firestorm is an essential utility. Not only does it allow for otherwise time consuming amendments to be made in seconds, but it also dramatically increases workflow. For example, simple design and content changes can be made directly to the server via the WYSIWYG window, and more complex changes to server side scripts (ASP, PHP etc.) can be made through the Firestorm Source Window. This eliminates the need to make changes offline and manually upload your pages for testing. All your work is done directly on a remote server which cuts development time by half. Once your live files are complete, the Firestorm Synchronization feature will automatically synchronize updated files to your local folder.

What can I do with Firestorm Remote Edit?
Edit and update your website online! ; Correct spelling mistakes and contact information! ; Update sales and promotional information! ; No HTML knowledge required! ; Update pictures and web links!

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