Graphing and curve fitting program with a graphics editor and digitizing tool. This lets you display and analyse data from published graphs and tables




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Description of FindGraph:

Powerful but easy-to-use data-analysis, digitizing, graph plotting program.
The problem.You wish to compare and display the data obtained from independent sources.Typically input data sources are graphs from Internet pages, text files, Excel tables or personal raw data. You want the ability to remove false points and add desirable points interactively. Desired outcome - mated graphs, regression line or approximations displayed with commentaries that can be exported into a document by using cut and paste.

You can specify the unlimited number of points, areas and curves. Graph curves can be created from character-delimited text files or from digitizing screen charts. The program has a full set of drawing tools. You can easily add, move, and delete points, lines and commentaries. Unlimited Undo/Redo. You can specify an unlimited number of points, areas and lines. Graphs will be plotted in one coordinate system, allowing comparison of empirical and analytical data. Choose from many graph and coordinate plane parameters.

Visualization features are: scatter diagrams, lines, points density distributions, points groups diagrams. Log scales are available. Zoom is possible. The graphs allow total freedom in setting up scales and grids. Log scales for each axis are available. Point's color, size and aspect ratio are taken into account under approximation line build. Some of the data-analysis features are:Regression analysis and correlation factors; ; Regression curve fits are 1st to 5th order polynomial, power, exponential, or log; ; Logistic functions; ; Fourier approximation; ; Neural network is used for approximation; ; Splines; ; Nonlinear curve fitting.

The program allows to export information to ASCII tables and XML files. FindGraph is COM-server. The plot can be embedded into your program. Examples (VB, VC) are included.

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