Elib is designed to help you collect web pages, images and flashes from internet and keep then in a single file. It will help to make your hard disk c




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Description of eLib:

How to keep and manage information from internet? Elib is a good choice.1. To collect web info easily. Elib is well integrated into IE. You can collect web pages, images and flashes easily with eLib. 2. To store them in a clear way. Elib can store all your collection in just one book file. 3. To protect your private collection. Elib provides password protection to keep your collection secret. 4. To browse and manage collection easily. You can browse and manage your collection directly within elib. You don't need to open an IE window to do so. 5. To share your collection with others easily. Elib supports to export to chm file. Elib's book share is also a good choice. Elib is a great tool to help you collect and organize information got from internet. Just try it, you may like it.

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