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EldoS AnyCalc is indispensable when you need to calculate something quickly -it can be invoked with one key press. It supports complex expressions,




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Description of EldoS AnyCalc:

EldoS AnyCalc is an easy-to-use, but very powerful calculator for accountants, software developers, scientists and students. AnyCalc is invoked by pressing just one button (Num Lock by default, you can define any button). AnyCalc can put the result of calculations to Clipboard and insert them to documents automatically. AnyCalc has 91 function and 31 operator. It is possible to add and subtract date/time values and perform operations with degrees/grads/rads. All numbers can be expressed in 6 formats: decimal, octal, hexadecimal, binary, with fixed point, or scientific. AnyCalc calculates expressions between brackets (for example, (2+3)^12) and maintains all advantages of ordinary calculators. You can choose from 10 layouts - variants of styling, size and position of buttons. AnyCalc also supports skins (includes 10 skins now).

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