eCustPro (english version)

Appointment scheduling software on your PC + Accept Online appointment from Internet through PC browser, PDA/Pocket PC and 3G/imode phone.




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Description of eCustPro (english version):

eCustPro is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) PC application for handling and coordinating appointment bookings for club houses, clinics, training centers, restaurant, professionals of beauty consultant, hair stylist, doctors, dentist, accountants, lawyers, and all others.
Besides its powerful features running on PC, it also integrates with our Internet Homepage Manager. Internet Homepage Manager is our Internet based program that allow you creating, managing and hosting your homepage with your own homepage address. Most importantly, your customers are now able to make appointment over the Internet when they are visiting your homepage.
*** There is a lot of other PC based or Internet based appointment software available in the market.Unlike all of them, eCustPro itself not only a powerful and flexible appointment management tool, but also let you keep your appointment and customer data in your PC and download Internet appointments from the your homepage when needed. Your business data is therefore stored on your own place and only subset of your data that is required for Internet appointment is copied to your homepage. With eCustPro, you are now able to enjoy the advantage of both PC based appointment scheduling solution and Internet appointment solution.
* eCustPro provides multi-langauges version. Currently support languages are English and Traditional Chinese.

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