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Serial/TCP/IP communication and virtual instrumentation at your fingertips.




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Description of Easy Control:

This application gives to the user the opportunity to work with PC serial ports in a programmatic mode, without knowing a "real" programming language. User interacts with serial ports writing and executing a script with a veryeasy to learn syntax, very much the same with the BASIC language. Can be used for many purposes, beginning with simple receiving and sending tasks, implementing data logging with microcontrollers (like Microchip's PIC family), and (not) ending with bridging two or more serial ports. Easy Control offers handy methods to input and output data through serial port. Now vwersion 1.2 is network enabled, has capabilities to receive and sendmessages over a TCP/IP network It has a free tool, Rack Designer that allows building virtual instrumentslike analog displays, LCD, switches, sliders, leds and more. Using these instruments will transform your PC into a powerful and cheap platform for virtual instrumentation. It is the perfect tool for microcontroller hobbysts to log/monitor data, control their devices,or just for testing and debugging devices, on a local or remote PC.

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