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Digital Diary is a convenient yet powerful project and activity organizer that works the way you do. MetricMaster is a measurement unit conversion pro




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Macintosh, MAC X

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Description of Digital Diary:

Digital Diary (version 2.2) works the way you do to allow fingertip access to the activity historyand current status of any project, with the added ability to view allactivities on all projects on any particular day. On a complex project,there could be a dozen or more separate issues being dealt withsimultaneously, each with its own distinct status and decision stream.Digital Diary helps keep track of all this by providing a convenient way ofrecording and automatically organizing this information. While most personalinformation managers focus on scheduling and contacts management, DigitalDiary focuses on keeping an organized record of your activities anddecisions, allowing you quick and easy retrieval of a project's history.Versatile report generation can organize your data in any manner you choose.The demo will allow 75 notes to be entered, after which the note recordingfunction will be disabled until the ID code is entered. The ID code isdelivered by the author by e-mail within 24 to 36 hours after payment hasbeen made through one of several on-line software distributors or to theauthor directly.System requirements:68k and PPC Mac running System 7 and up, including OS9.Price: $20

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