2D Corte Certo - Panel/Sheet cutting optimizator

2D Corte Certo - Rectangular plate optimization software, for planning and calculating straight cuts and rectangular piece nesting. Generates reports


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Description of 2D Corte Certo - Panel/Sheet cutting optimizator:

Corte Certo generates efficient cutting plans for any material. Designed to automate the process of creating cut lists to manufacture furniture, windows and other products composed of rectangular parts. Used for yield calculations,estimates, and provides an integrated cut map graphic editor, prints labels for sections and leftover fragments, generates reports, and much more.  Who uses it? Corte Certo is used in any industrial process that involves the cutting of rectangular parts. Construction companies, furniture factories, glassware factories and metal industries that work with material such as glass; wood or MDF; metal (aluminum, steel, ACM); acrylic; marble, granite; plastic; laminated material and fenolite are just some examples.  What is a cut optimizer for? It is of great importance for a company, which needs to transform large sheets made up of a certain material into smaller ones, minimizing losses during the cutting process. Such companies range from those which work with metals to wood, acrylic, glass and granite suppliers, among many others. The problem of how to cut sheets into pieces with greatest efficiency varies according to the situation (even though the pieces in stock usually have standard dimension in terms of width and height, other sizes are sometimes needed - there is, therefore, no standard cutting process). There are millions of different ways to cut a standard sheet into a certain amount of sections. Some are greatly wasteful, while others may be extremely difficult, costly and time consuming (both for the cutter or the machine used). An experienced cutter does not think twice about taking on task using a wasteful cutting pattern, but usually does not obtain the best possible results, since even the most agile minds are not capable of performing such complex calculations with enough speed and without mistakes. To solve this problem, specific computer programs, known as cut optimizers, have been developed since the 70¡¯s. These programs process sizes of the sheets being worked with, and the sizes of the sections desired in order to produce the most efficient cut pattern. Growing access to personal computers has made this kind of software accessible not only to large companies but also to small and mid-sized ones in all fields of specialization.  Is the reduction of waste materials the only advantage of the cut optimizer? No. Even though it is the most noticeable advantage, there is other of equal or perhaps even greater importance:Faster cost evaluations (with accurate knowledge of the necessary material )
; The ability to test the sheet¡¯s best size. Various sheet sizes can be tested so that the best possible sizes can be chosen out of available stock or bought.
; Decrease in errors and increases cutting speed (The cut maps contain all necessary information for the cutter, put forward in a clear way, which speeds up the cut as well as making errors less probable.)
; Eliminating extra sheets from the stock. By better using available sheets, the extra stock, and ultimately extra costs, can be avoided.
; Standardization of documents (Cut maps / Reports). The standardization of cut maps and reports helps avoid the wrong interpretation of these documents, making communication easier for those involved in the ordering and cutting of pieces and saving time.Currently, cut optimizers integrate additional functions, such as printing up identification labels for the final pieces, reusing of leftover material, statistic reports and more. These functions also help the overall market performance of a company. Please refer to our web site for more information: www.cortecerto.com

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