CW-Helpdesk Ticket- Management

CW-Helpdesk is based on a data based ticket management to register faults and administrative tasks.




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Description of CW-Helpdesk Ticket- Management:

CW-Helpdesk is perfect for business companies, which do not have a call-center for user supervision but nevertheless request the performed work to be documented by the technicians.

CW-Helpdesk offers a fast ticket register with a slight writing effort.

The support informs the user with help of the integrated e-mail client and increases the quality of his services, because of a high level of transparency.

Individual analysis for example, sum of faults or recurrent faults of an equipment are fast created and could save as EXCEL, HTML or XML file.

CW helpdesk and CW inventory based on the same database which is important for any information exchange. So it is possible for the Support by creating a ticket, to known which PC is in use, which printer is in use or which software is installed.

Fault management is sometimes not the matter of one person, sometimes a whole department will be affected or a completely server. The subjective administration of the CW helpdesk allows a lot of different types of faults. In that case same trouble ticket, same multi tickets or same service ticket will be create the same way.

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