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Close to 98 percent of classified ads don't get the job done for the people who paid to place them. Why? Because they include a lot of useless verbiage and fail to use the words that truly motivate people to pick up the phone or reach for their pen.Yet when used properly, classified ads in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet are money-making tools that produce inquiries and sales day after day, week after week and month after month. The keys to effective classified ads are not guesswork, but proven principles that have earned heaps and heaps of cash for those who use them. "Creating Profitable Classified Ads" reveals the secrets so that you and your customers can sell, sell, sell and make money, money, money!This Info-Report Software shows people how to attract the attention of customers and inspire them to answer your ad. Whether you are building a Mail Order business, selling items of interest to other businesses, or even unloading the treasures in your garage, this amazing software reveals the "Insider Secrets" to profiting through classified ads.Not only will it teach you the secrets of classified advertising that gets results, this unique program becomes your first lucrative Mail Order product! Customers love the fact that they can not only use the tips to run a more lucrative business but also resell the product along with complete resale and reproduction rights! Only $15 for a limited time only!

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