Copper 2003: Standard

Copper 2003 is a web-based project management tool that allows teams to manage themselves more effectively.




$199 (USD)


Macintosh, MAC X

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Description of Copper 2003: Standard:

Accompanying or replacing MS Project, Copper 2003 is capable of transforming any organization with a simple interface and powerful features that make it easy for teams to collaborate freely. Improve productivity and knowledge sharing for your technical, management or sales teams, regardless of industry or company size. Share and manage files, contacts, leads, processes, projects, clients, suppliers or any business critical information, anywhere, any time. All through a secure and robust system.Key Features:It's effective. Run your business more efficiently from anywhere, specify and track budgets and timelines, keep your team up to date with automatic reminder emails.It's reliable and inexpensive. Copper uses a robust architecture, resulting in maximum uptime, and vastly reduced hardware costs compared to other systems. It's more efficient.Regain clarity during high project load with business-level right down to task-level views of progress. See what your team is doing at a glance.It's customizable.Copper allows for purchasing or development of extra modules such as email marketing tools, forums, or corporate website content management.It's flexible. Allow clients to log in and review project progress, or restrict access to important information with the administration module.

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