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CoolDocumenter is handy tool that helps developers to comment their programming code.




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Description of CoolDocumenter Program:

CoolDocumenter is handy tool that helps to comment your programming code. CoolDocumenter IS NOT intended to produce end user help file or documentation, instead it provides to you with the easy way to document source codes. It's necessary to comment the code well in order for other people (or even for author) to be able read it later on. However usually programmers don't pay enough attention to this aspect of the programming and spend hours to understand what and how was written few months ago. Here it is when CoolDocumenter can be of help. Instead of browsing the code and adding comments manually you can do that with CoolDocumenter in some 30 min. If you have the whole package (library) of components and classes CoolDocumenter is probably the only way to document it fast.

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