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Conversions+ converts linear, area, time, speed, weight, temperature and volume measurements.



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Description of Conversions+ CD:

Ever wondered how may centimeters are in a Roman cubit? or how many bunders are in a square mile?

Well, wonder no more and download Conversions+, conversion software with over 600 different conversions.

Conversions+ Features

Converts linear, area, temperature, weight, liquid, volume, speed and time measurements.
Shows name, origin and metric standard for each form of measurement. ; Has a web-update feature that keeps your databases up to date. ; Copy function lets you copy either the whole equation or just the answer to the clipboard, for use in other programs. (user-defined in options) ; Allows calculations of up to 32 decimal places. (user-defined in options) ; Intuitive user interface, makes using the program easy. ; Program sits in the system tray when it not being used. ; Main tool bar can be fully customized by the user. ; Context-sensitive help (click on the ? in the upper right hand corner, and then click on what you need help with) available throughout the program. ; Free to use for the 28 day evaluation period. ; Inexpensive to own thereafter. Only $19.95 US with free lifetime data updates and support.
So stop wondering and register Conversions+ today and see for yourself how many Russian Charkas are in an Imperial Gallon.

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