ComBridgeMail 1.0 is a Peer to Peer and Plug & Play EDI solution over internet.




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Description of ComBridgeMail_Std:

CBMail enables Seller and Buyer to TALK data to data by simulating business negotiation process. To deal with heterogeneous databases interchange, CBMail packs the source data to a Middle Data Format named DSS (Data Source Stream) and unpacks the DSS file to the target data. Different data connection for each of your partners can be set up easily. Data connection is defined by text file without any programming. If a Seller sends out a quotation to a Buyer and the Buyer reply to ask for lower price, the reply messages will be written back to the original quotation automatically instead of having another reply email. Following the CBMail principle, you can design your own data interchange application. Data packing and unpacking and mail sending and receiving are all ready.

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