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Description of Calc Plus!:

This calculator is designed for mobile professionals to makeall type of basic and advanced calculations. One of its maincharacteristics is the availability of four independent designlayouts for different types of calculations: standard, unitconversions, base conversion and statistics. This allows you topersonalize Calc! depending on the type of required calculations.

Using Calc! is as easy as using your favorite TexasInstruments or Casio calculator. With Calc! you can enter thewhole expression, including brackets, functions and operators(for example, (9-7)*8 + 34.23). You can always return toexpression you calculated before, change it and recalculate it.

Calc! can quickly and easily convert more than 100 differentunits in 11 categories, and users can define new ones. Thecategories include angle, area, energy, length, power, pressure,speed, temperature, time / frequency, volume andforce&weight.

Main features:
Unique interface of last generation, makes using the program easy. ; Ability to store results in an unlimited number of variables. ; Contains a list of common physical, chemical and math constants (more than 130). ; Support for all common mathematical functions including algebraic, logarithmic, trigonometric, hyperbolic and logical functions. ; Allows calculations of up to 15 decimal places. ; Calculations in any numeric base from 2 to 36. ; Displays numbers in conventional or scientific notation. ; Copy function lets you copy either the whole expression or just the answer to the clipboard, for use in other programs. ; Error recognition system, which shows a cause and a place of error. ; Multi-step Undo/Redo. ; Customizable fonts.
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