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Complete Cyber Cafe Management, Billing, Protection and Administration Software with PC Security Tools, Accounting Tools, Sales Report




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CafeWorkz Professional - Features
Complate Billing SolutionAutomatically Calculates total Bill for various services like Printing, Scanning etc.; Facility to give discount.; Deducts Surfed hours from members alloted time; Facility for maintaining Collection, Due Log; Administrator Can change rates very easily; Reporting SolutionDaily Reports; Dues Report; Rush Hour Report; Discount Report; PC Report and much more...; SecurityRestricts user from Changing Control Panel Settings; Restricts user from Changing System Properties; Restricts user from Changing Internet Properties; Restricts user from Browsing Network Neighbourhood.; Restricts user from Deleting Files/Folders; No Ctrl + Alt + Delete; No Malicious Downloads from Internet; Child Protection SystemNo Viewing Adult/Porn Sites.; Criminal Activities Detection SystemLists all windows on each PC. Administrator can keep track of Criminal Activities taking place through internet.; Remote Desktop Screenshot. Administrator can see desktop of suspecious person to verify criminal activity.; Unlimited PC's Support.; Unlimited Services Support.; Remote PC Restart/Shut Down.

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