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Software for Cyber or Internet cafes. Cafe Manager and remote security agent Shield are designed to assist in management of Internet cafes




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Cafe Manager Pro calculates total charge for time spent and services provided to different categories of customers. Unlimited number of client systems. Plus, integrated Membership database is available with the program for you to keep track on memberships and their financial transactions in your cyber cafe.The program works as a stand-alone application and if you are not using Shield, can be run on any PC, even doesn't connected to the network. The software is very easy to use. All necessary information is entering by a member of a staff by clicking certain buttons - Start, End , Time ect. Anyone can learn how to use it in five minutes.VBergman Cafe Manager supports 9 different categories of customers (i.e. 9 different charge matrixes) and 9 categories for additional services you may provide (coffee, tea, print etc.) Program allows you to fully modify those services to meet your specific requirements. Program supports two major approaches widely used in Cyber Cafes:1. Customer pays after he/she has finished using PCCharge will be calculated based on time spent by a customer and current rate.2. Customer pays before he/she starts using PC. Two options: If customer wants to spend exact amount of money, program will calculate time, based on your current rates. If customer wants to spend specific amount of time on using PC, program will calculate charge, based on your current rates.You can select which option the program should use as your default payment method while, at the same time, you always can switch between the two for specific PC panels.One of the strongest elements of VBergman Cafe Manager Pro is that it can be used together with its remote security agent - Screen Shield. This allows you, with one mouse-click, to take full control over a remote PC, thereby eliminating all unauthorized and unexpected use of the PC.More information could be found at:

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