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Description of BugMe!:

An award-winning yellow-sticky reminder with easy alarms. BugMe! lets you quickly jot a note, then set an alarm for when the note should pop-up and bug you to do what you need to do. With BugMe! you can scribble your note on the screen or enter text using Graffiti. BugMe! is great for when you need to remember something in an hour or so and don't want the overhead of setting an alarm in the Datebook. Simply choose when you want to be bugged and let BugMe! do the rest! Despite its simplicity, BugMe! offers many powerful features, including note categorisation, sorting and secrecy - as well as a novel thumbnail overview. BugMe! is the original yellow-sticky application for the Palm series and has been refined over a couple of years. BugMe!'s awards include PalmPower Cool Tool 1998, PalmGear 'Essential' and CNet Download.com 'pick'.

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