Brainstorm Bungy

Software for group brainstorming.




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Description of Brainstorm Bungy:

Brainstorm Bungy is used for running group brainstorming sessions. It provides a simple, fun, and flexible means of recording the group's ideas and then evaluating them against agreed and weighted criteria.

There is a 5 step process in Brainstorm Bungy;
Define your Mission. Very important as it directly influences the brainstorming focus.; Brainstorm Ideas. The fun part where anything goes and nothing should be disregarded. Triggers prompt for ideas when the action slows down. Watch out for the bungy jumper.; Define Criteria. The group devises criteria for sorting out the best ideas.; Evaluate Ideas. Using the weighted criteria from Step 3 of course.; Summarize. Not really a step but a place to bring everything together. Brainstorming sessions can also be printed, or saved, for later review.You can learn all about Brainstorm Bungy and download a full trial version by visiting

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