Bookworm book-cataloguing software available as stand-alone software. Network version available on request.




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Description of BookWorm:

This software is suitable for individuals, bookshops and libraries.It is a 32-bit program (requires Win95/98/2000 or NT4), having an MDI interface - multiple windows can be open simultaneously giving different views of the data, in form and grid viewsBookworm features multiple windows on the database allowing data entry whilst simultaneously searching, using powerful queries to find data. Automatic guessing of categories speeds data entry; users can add/delete categories at willThe program can handle an almost unlimited number of records (depending on memory available) and data can be sorted on various fields. Some of the field headings can be user-definedA 'find' system locates all records containing specific text and displays in your chosen orderIndividual records can be marked to form a view-group, and the program tracks books that are lent out - never lose another book!. The program has context-sensitive help throughout which is available with a single keypress.The download program is a self-extracting file that contains a Setup wizard for installation. Uninstall utility included.

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