Design you next program effective and save more than 30% on development time. Having a plan also means you have a map to follow while building your pr




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Description of BluePrint:

Now you will spend less time to create higher quality code.
If you don't have a spec, you will always spend more time and create lower quality code. Now you can take advantage of planning your next program with BluePrint. As your project progress, you can look at your BluePrint and decide what needs to be done next. Planning your project will give you more time for more projects, or more free time to spent with your family and friends.

Writing a functional spec will force you to actually design the program.
When designing your application, BluePrint will force you to design the program. While designing your program you will think about several possibilities, revising and improving your design. Having a plan also means you have a map to follow while building your project.

Hapier customers
No more misunderstanding between you and your customer. Spent a little more time on the design that you can easily deliver to your customer, without writing a single line of code. Your customer will know what he will get, and you know what you must deliver. And all that in a shorter time frame.

What if you are not a developer?
You can design your own programs, and hand your blueprint to any independent software team, without saying a word, they should be able to build your program as you expected it to be.

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