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Description of Batch Exporter:

Batch exporter is a tool designed to breakup the elements of a presentation into various components. These export components presently are Slide, Images and Text. The key word being batch ¨C the user can perform the operations on several specified presentations in a single session in a quick and efficient manner.Slides: A presentation is made up of slides however for cataloguing purposes you might want to stored each slide in the presentation as a separate file. The slide export component does that precisely. It saves each slide in the presentation as an individual presentation.Images: Images of the slides can be exported into a variety of formats supported by Microsoft PowerPoint ¨C JPG, EMF, TIFF, PNG, WMF, BMP etc to name a few common formats. They can be exported at multiple resolutions during the same export session.Text: The component enables the user to extract the text from the presentation and notes pages and organize it into a single file or individual files for each slide. You can download the trial version. None of the features have been disabled in the trial version. You can use it for 14 days. If you find the tool useful, you can make a purchase online to register your copy.

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