Do you want to record your mouse and keyboard events and replay it?Do you want to monitor your computer when you are away from PC?Do you want to g




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Description of AutoRecorder:

1.It's a useful tools when you want to record your mouse events or keyboard events.2.It can save all events to a script file and replay it by choose the file.Also you can modify the script file manually.3.Monitor your computer when you are away from your PC.Konwing if other people have used it.(Please choose "yes" in the option)4.You can use it to test your applications without sitting before your PC,just record what you want to do and repeat it for 100 times or 100000 times.......5.In full version,you will receive a file named letter-auto.exe.You can write down what you want to tell your girl friend or boy friend using the letter-auto.exe program and send out it.When your friend run the program,a notepad window opened,he(she) will see every letter you input,even he(she) can see how did you modify the letter.Maybe they'll feel it's so magical.

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