Auto-Submission-Pub has been designed for membership, down-line, Mlm or anywebsite that would like to provide submission services to their members.




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Auto-Submission-Pub Submission System has been designed for membership,down-line, Mlm or any other website that would like to provide submissionservices to their members. This package allows you to offer fully automated submission direct from your Website. This is a professional package that allows you to offer these capabilities to your members as a free service or as a new income stream for your Website.Once your members have set up their projects, set them on auto and set thefrequency, our "Set It And Forget It" technology kicks in and submits thatproject to your selection of search engines day in day out with out the needfor further input from the user. If you are off on holiday for a monththat's fine because Auto-Submission-Pub will continue your memberssubmissions throughout that time at the frequency that you had pre-setbefore leaving.This system is project based your members can set-up as many projects as youchoose, each project can be a website, a clients Website or any configuration you choose. Each member can only view their own projects when logging into the submission area. Each project can be set to its own autosubmission frequency.Auto-Submission-Pub utilizes its own built in domain spider to recognise thepages from your Website that you want to submit, you select whether you wantyour pages submitted to just the search engines or also to FFA's Classifiedand Specialized Websites. The Auto-Submission-Pub database comes preloadedwith over 100,000 websites to submit your webpages to.

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