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Description of Auto-Submission-Pro:

Auto-Submission-Pro Submission System has been designed for small to medium sized business or personal Websites. This package allows you to fully automate your Website submissions whether your purpose is to take care of your own submission needs only, or to offer submission services to other Webmasters this is a professional package that allows both these capabilities at the press of a few buttons.

This server based system utilizes our "Set It And Forget It" technology to submit your Websites pages day in day out with out the need for further input from you. If you are off on holiday for a month that's fine because Auto-Submission-Pro will continue your submissions throughout that time at the frequency that you had pre-set before leaving. This system is project based you can set-up as many projects as you choose, each project can be a website, a clients Website or any configuration you choose. Each project can be set to its own auto submission frequency.

Auto-Submission-Pro utilizes its own built in domain spider to recognize the pages from your Website that you want to submit, you select whether you want your pages submitted to just the search engines or also to FFA's Classified and Specialized Websites.

The Auto-Submission-Pro database comes preloaded with over 100,000 websites to submit . This system is designed for Unix based domains, virtual servers and servers, installation is included in the purchase price. We also provide a full year upgrades and support and ongoing access to updated engine data files when available.

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