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Description of Attendime:

ATTENDIME is a complete Time and Employee/Labor Management solution that allows you to transform basic time & attendance and Employee/Labor data into powerful information. ATTENDIME is meant to create solutions and services that not only empower both employees and management but also increase the efficiency of businesses. ATTENDIME produces complete systems that enable organizations to track valuable Employees/Labor data and transform it into powerful management reports that will improve workforce productivity.Our Time and Employees/Labor Management Solution (ATTENDIME) is designed to help executives, managers solve a wide range of critical human resource, Time and Attendance issues, including those related to workforce scheduling, job tracking, Employees/Labor allocation and Overtime/ Payroll claims.Not only has ATTENDIME set the standard for the most economical, state-of-the-art solutions on the market, we also pride ourselves on service and support. ATTENDIME software is designed and written in-house, which allows us to offer custom solutions, when needed.

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