Artemis Accounts II - Plus+

Multi-currency accounting system with integrated stock control and automatic Euro conversion.




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Description of Artemis Accounts II - Plus+:

Artemis Accounts is a fully integrated accounting system that combines the power and sophistication of larger, more expensive, accounting software with a simple menu-driven and easy to use design. It is the ideal system for owner-managers of small to medium sized businesses and does not require an accounting background.
The "Plus+" edition adds full stock functionality to the features contained in the "Standard" edition. This is targeted at users who want detailed history of stock movements, stock counting functions, and comprehensive stock reporting. It is ideal for users who have significant working capital tied up in stock, or who have high levels of stock activity.The inclusion of ABC analysis, Cycle-counting, and a set of Assembly functions make this one of the best Stock Control modules in the accounting software market.
? Fully integrated 32-bit Windows accounting system.
? Multi-company & multi-currency as standard.
? Built-in Euro capability with "one-click" conversion.
? Full password security control.
? No month-end or year-end routines needed.
? Continuous open item accounting design.
? Unlimited history maintained on-line.
? Comprehensive lookup function for all codes.
? Full edit & delete facility on all transactions.
? Three levels of help built-in for all transactions.
? Over 80 transaction and inquiry screens.
? Over 60 pre-configured reports.
? Integrated "one-click" backup and restore.
? Up to 10 VAT codes with full VAT analysis & reporting.
? Cheque register with returned cheque capability.
? Creates truly professional invoices & statements on plain paper and also accomodates pre-printed stationery.
? Dunning messages for additional invoice customisation.
? ABC analysis & cycle counting plus spot counts.
? 10 pre-defined stock locations.
? Stock control fully integrated with Purchases & Sales.
? Customer reservations for products & kits.
? Assembly management with multi-level bills of material.
? Actual, Average, FIFO, LIFO, & Standard costing.
? Easily upgradeable - no need for conversion routines.
? Open database structure for easy interfacing.
? Fully compiled program code for speed & efficiency.

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