Ariacom Business Reports Professional

Easy to use reporting and data-warehousing tool with dynamic SQL generation for any type of database.




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Windows All Versions

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Description of Ariacom Business Reports Professional:

Ariacom Business Reports is a powerful reporting and multi-dimensional analysis tool.
Non technical end-users can run and edit complex reports from any SQL relational database.

The product is able to meet a whole range of reporting requirements, from publishing a directory over the intranet to building a data warehouse for multi-dimensional analysis.

The product's main features are:
Dynamic and optimized SQL generation.; Generation of complex reports integrating pivot tables.; Native line, bar, point and pie charts.; Integrated security management limiting user access.; Fully multilingual design (Currently in English, French, German and Spanish).; Report results in various formats (html, csv, txt).; Output to various devices (file, printer, fax, email).; Cascade reports allowing multi-dimensional navigation.; Publication and sharing of reports and results.; In-built report scheduler.

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