Application Warp Memory Manager

Application Warp Memory Manager v4.4




$24.95 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of Application Warp Memory Manager:

Application Warp is a memory manager that speeds up games and programs.-Application Warp is THE accelerator for games!-Speeds up programs by creating a user defined 'Fast (RAM) Buffer'.-You can save multiple custom 'Fast Buffer' settings.-The 'Fast Buffer' can be used to give some memory in times of need. This can prevent 'shocky movement' in games. Effectively increasing your game speed and enjoyment.-You need more free RAM? just click the button till you have more then you need!-You can free RAM by pressing the button how much is freed for each click can be configured. -Application Warp has a very small executable (395KB), and is written memory efficient. -TNT RAM boost system to counter memory leaks and boost available RAMApplication Warp costs only $24.95 after 30 days of free trial! NEW: Processor usage icon

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