Platform for e-commerce and web-development, providing implementation of component oriented technologies and three-level architecture.




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Description of ApoServer:

ApoServer is the latest addition to the range of e-Commerce products developed by ApoSoft
ApoServer is a dedicated platform for e-commerce and web-development.

Using ApoServer you can develop Web-enabled application, providing implementation of modern technologies. The ApoServer facilities enable you to develop an application without knowing much about ApoServer utilized technologies, and provide high product quality and substantially reduce development time. Another feature of development on ApoServer ? inherent separation of components of design, business rules and business-logic flow. This ability is achieved by component oriented technologies implemented in ApoServer.

The application developed on base of ApoServer provides following advantages for users and administrators:Unlimited amount of visitors/end-users,; Installation on any DBMS: Oracle, MySQL, MS Access or MS SQL,; Deployment to several computers,; Maintenance visitors/end-user's privileges (user groups) for access to business logic components,; Maintenance of the task scheduler and batch-processing,; Displaying web-application forms and formatting input-output data according to language settings in visitors/end-user's browser; Dynamical changes in deployed application, without additional programming:
- add new application forms language,
- edit presentation components (templates),
- edit business-rules, determined by special tempates,
- edit business-logic flow, determined by pipelines
- attach privileges (rules of user access) to business-logic componentsApplication development based on three-layer architecture (interface, business and data), that allows splitting development to several roles being performed in parallel by using ApoServer?s facilities:Business Analyst. The Business Analyst collects the work of the HTML Designer and the Java/C++ specialist into real business scenarios. He also can describe business rules in ?hidden? templates. These steps form a final e-commerce scenario called a pipeline.; Database Developer. Creates Database structure and database access components.; HTML Designer. HTML designer is responsible for the design of user interaction with web interface. ApoServer uses a powerful ZHTML language allowing HTML Designer to create dynamic pages by encapsulating processed data into HTML.; Java/C++ Specialist. The Java/C++ specialist usually creates small reusable business-logic components in Java/C++. These components are called Pipelets.The ApoServer tools:The ApoServer admin console is web-interface for configuration and administration of the ApoServer components.; ApoLogger visually represents 3 event flows of the server (application, system and security flow).; ApoPipelineManager is the tool for creating, modifying and debugging pipelines. It includes Watch window, where you can browse the values of the Dictionary variables.; Data Component Wizard is the generator of data access components (particular database access components).

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