Apartment / Multifamily Loan Underwriting Template

Concise Microsoft Excel template for underwriting U.S. Apartment / Multifamily loan requests, including Underwriting Checklist and Appraisal Checklist




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Apartment / Multifamily Loan Underwriting Template Download

Description of Apartment / Multifamily Loan Underwriting Template:

Banks Channel Publishing has developed the Apartment / Multifamily Loan Underwriting Template, in Microsoft Excel format. This is a concise, quantitative template, including unit analysis/rent roll, historical and projected cash flow, operating statement re-classifier (from borrower format to industry standard), and summary pages, along with Appraisal Review Checklist and Underwriting Checklist. The template is offered in conjunction with the Underwriter's Toolbox website at www.UnderwritersToolbox.com, which provides links to a wide variety of information to support loan underwriting. Banks Channel Publishing also provides underwriting templates for many types of commercial real estate loans. Underwriting Templates from Banks Channel Publishing will benefit loan underwriters and originators at banks, S&Ls, finance companies, life companies, CMBS conduits, and development agencies, as well as mortgage bankers and brokers sizing loans for lender submission, and property owners/investors and pension advisors preparing preliminary financing packages for lender or mortgage banker review.Serving the real estate industry since 1999. Order with confidence. We follow-up on every order to assure successful template download!

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