AddressFactory US MacOS

Probably the most efficient and handy phone & address management program ever made for Macintosh.




$56.59 (USD)


Macintosh, MAC X

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Description of AddressFactory US MacOS:

Have an immediate view to all your contacts names.; Attractive graphic interface.; Creation of REAL categories accessible in just one click.; UNLIMITED number of addresses for each entry.; UNLIMITED number of phone numbers, email addresses and internet addresses for each entry.; File protection features: Password & 128 bits documents encryption. ; File lock: you can lock an open document without having to close it (immediate or schedule). Ideal in a multi-user or on a network environment. A log of every wrong password that could have been typed is recordable and printable with log time & date.; Personalisation of the document texts fonts. ; Personalisation of the document texts & lists colors. ; Sophisticated phone-dialer included.; Dial, send an email or surf on internet as easily as a mouse double-click!; Automatic Postal Code/City search (15 european countries database included). The number of countries is upgradeable to infinite. They are configurable as well. ; Automatic keystroke.; A single copy of the program can be used by an unlimited number of user on a network.; Several File Import formats from other Address Book programs: Outlook-Express import/export supported. ; Currencies converter (configurable). Calculates conversions of 54 countries.; Automatic currencies update on Internet. You can choose between 1 and 54 currencies to update.; Calculator band-wind (recordable).; 10 STO & RCL memories (accessible with a contextual menu or keystroke).; You can select your 5 most favourite countries displayed in a dock as flag buttons. Just click any of them to convert your currency immediately.

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