AddressFactory FR MacOS

Probably the most efficient and handy phone & address management program ever made for Macintosh.




$37.5 (USD)


Macintosh, MAC X

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Description of AddressFactory FR MacOS:

- PhoneBook Deluxe gives you an immediate view to the list of your contacts without having to use the annoying usual alphabetical indexes that most of software of this category provide. You have several fast ways to find out the requested contact into your document list in just a few seconds by very intuitive ways. - PhoneBook Deluxe gives you the opportunity to create/modify dynamically some real categories which are displayed as clickable buttons inside of a floating tool window beside of your main document.- PhoneBook Deluxe provides you a high security data protection system, enabling you to protect your contact lists with a password and a 128 bits encryption algorithm.- PhoneBook Deluxe gives you the opportunity to dial your telephone numbers anywhere in the world from within the application. A virtual mobile phone is also included with the program.- In PhoneBook Deluxe, you have access to intelligent keyboard recognition, intuitive fields selections... And so many other exciting features that make you feel like to use PhoneBook Deluxe not only every time you need to contact someone, but simply by pleasure because of its awesome interface !

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