Feature full and secure access control utility for Windows at home and business all alike.




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Windows All Versions

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Description of AceControl:

AceControl is a utility for controlling access to Microsoft Windows at home, business or in any other organization. AceControl provides promising and flexible security all around in standalone and network computers and it also allows you to control security on a per user basis or use the same security for everyone. AceControl has many security features with only some them listed here are support for remote management, password protect your PC at bootup, control access to the Windows desktop where you can even replace the desktop entirely, lock/hide files and folders, protect programs using time limit/passwords, keep programs running all along and good support for kiosk mode. Now public places such as schools, libraries, stores etc. can allow usage of their computers freely without having to constantly monitor their valuable computer systems. AceControl is made to be affordable yet at the same time provide security for anyone using Windows.

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