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Description of A Planet.Speller:

Behold, the all-knowing, all-SPEAKING #Planet.Speller.# Forged in the age of bad grammar and bad spelling, he uses his magical gift of gab to aid you in picture perfect English (checks spelling in 12 languages, can only read and speak in English) !!!!! By making use of the latest in technoWizardry, our Genie will suggest replacement words and even automatically fix errors in your documents for you. He can even read your entire document back to you so you can HEAR how it sounds when read aloud. Kids get a kick our of Planet.Speller because it offers verbal and visual feedback (hey, it might even encourage them to work on their schoolwork), and adults can rest easy knowing that they have the grammatical muscle available should they need it for personal letters, resumes or anything else that comes up! Why not get used to hearing your documents?

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