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A-Lex is a large and high quality easy-to-use 136,000+ word English dictionary with extensive synonym database, pronunciation and voice synthesis extension, wildcard, easy cross-referencing, root (stem) word detection, DA Launchable for Palm OS? . The dictionary is based on the 1.7 version of WordNet lexical database. ;
Based on the latest 1.7 WordNet lexical database. Over 136,000 headwords are defined. ; Free optional synonym database.; Free optional pronunciation database for about 50,000 entries.; Optional speech or voice synthesis extension. Useful aid for learning to speak English. For OS 5 Sound Manager compatible devices.;
Fast lookup speed - no slowdown on words with large number of definitions.
Capable of mark-and-lookup on any word displayed on the screen.
Dual auto-complete and manual browse mode provide usage convenience and power.
Recognize the base form of words from their common inflections.
Wildcard search.
Support direct access of memory cards using Palm OS? VFS facility.
Remember the last 50 unique words looked up.
DA Launcher version that makes one-tap-lookup possible on any displayed English word in ANY Palm OS? application.
Optional database containing example sentences to illustrate word usage. No additional fee.
; Support the latest Palm OS 5.1; Responsive customer support.Illustrated Feature Highlights Auto-complete Lookup Quick Cross-reference Instant Lookup with A-Lex DA Displays the list of words matching your input as you input. Saves you from inputing the whole word. Mark any word and tap button X get you the word's definition. Left and right buttons allow you to browse your lookup trail. A-Lex DA can look up words from any Palm application. Just mark a word and launch A-Lex DA Flexible wildcard search Word Stem Recognition Rich Synonym Database Use wildcard matching when you are not certain of a word's spelling. Also great for rhyming and cross-word puzzle solving. Recognizing the stem or root word of a spelling so your don't have to figure it out and type the stem word. Optional but free synonym database allows you explore alternate possibilities. Specially useful when combinedwith the cross-reference feature. >

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