Synergy-7 Z-V X VSTi

Analogue/Digital Synthesizer.




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Description of Synergy-7 Z-V X VSTi:

The Z-V X synthesizer is the product of several years of use of both analog and digital, real and virtual analog instruments. Instead of trying to model a specific real-world model, we have mixed several synthesis types into one. Z-V X includes both standard analog oscillators, phase distortion, FM and harmonic warping. An analog 18dB/Octave filter shapes the sound, with adjustable lowpass and bandpass, and a multistage envelope, AD envelope and LFO can be used to modulate various parameters. A monophonic mode is also available.BONUS: Now included in the full version v1.2 package, is our acclaimed ZV Base VSTi. ZV Base is a monophonic bassline synthesizer, with velocity accent!UPDATE: Version 1.3 now includes 32 additional presets! (64 Total)---(This is a hybid SynthEdit/custom DSP creation)

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