Subtek TimeLooper for VSTi

Subtek TimeLooper.It is loop based Sampler VSTi.Host BPM sync function and LofiPlus effect.Moved pitch and time stretch.It's easy creation!!




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Description of Subtek TimeLooper for VSTi:

[ About ]

Subtek TimeLooper. It is loop based Sampler VSTi.
It can use on VST host applications, such as "Cubase" "Logic" and more host.
Host BPM sync function(Realtime stretch and Pitch shift!!) and LofiPlus effect.
Moved Full time BPM ajasment very interesting!!
It's easy creation !!

[ Specification ]

-- 128 sample and 128 program (midi note)
-- *.wav format (8,16,32 bit any sample rate)
-- Multi mode Filter (LP,BP,HP,Notch,Peaking and cutoff sens, self Modulation)
-- One shot, Note, Loop playback mode.
-- Host BPM sync mode. (sync off, pitched, time stretch mode)
-- Pitch and Measure ( +-24 moved pitch, 1-64 sample measure )
-- Sample start point and end point. set up to any keys.
-- LoFi Plus Processor (bit,step,waveshaper and simple delay line)

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