Rainbow Synth

Rainbow is a software synthesizer for PC, that can be used either as a standalone application, or as a plugin compatible with the VST 2.0 standard.




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Description of Rainbow Synth:

24 voices, 1 to 4 oscillators per voice. ; Selectable waveform (sine, saw, square, triangle, noise) per oscillator. ; Waveshaping distorsion knob per oscillator (WS) ; Coarse/Fine tuning knob, selectable lfo mode per oscillator ; Selectable keyboard tracking mode per oscillator ; Control of oscillator level by midi velocity (VS) and/or keyboard tracking (KS) ; APDSR (Attack/Peak/Decay/Sustain/Release) level enveloppe per oscillator ; 4x4 Frequency and Amplitude modulation matrices for complex feedback settings. ; LowPass, BandPass or HiPass filter, with cutoff APDSR enveloppe, env mod and resonance knobs ; 'Double' mode (2 filters in series); Control of filter resonance by midi velocity (VS) ; 16 steps sequencer/arpeggiator; Pitch APDSR enveloppe ; Portamento (with 'figered' mode option); High quality oversampling mode with antialiasing filter for offline rendering ; Full midi automation

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