Aaztek Kompozer

Pattern based MIDI sequencer




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Description of Aaztek Kompozer:

Aaztek Kompozer is a pattern based MIDI sequencer designed for those with interest in making techno,acid,house and industrial music. Composing music is done by manipulating knobs (representing notes and octaves) and controller sliders (manipulate any MIDI controller or channel message) during playback and arranging patterns in the song edit box. With Aaztek Kompozer there is no need for keyboard or need to know how to play one. You can also quickly copy notes or add program change to your pattern by a simple drag and drop operation. You can also quickly create new disctint patterns from existing pattern by track rotate or tune up/tune down commands. Combined with a cool graphic interface and a low promotional price Aaztek Kompozer is a deal you can't miss if you are interested in techno/acid/industrial/house music.

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