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Improve your Winamp audio with Qmp3D from QSound Labs. This software plug-in will maximize your audio listening experience for use with the Winamp pla




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When using Qmp3D, MP3 files are converted to full, rich 3D stereo sound. It adds an amazing rich audio texture to your MP3 files. In fact, we GUARANTEE the software will improve your Winamp MP3 audio. The effects are THAT dramatic!How does Qmp3D work?Qmp3D utilizes QSound?s 3D audio technology to stretch the sound outside of the physical location of your speakers - creating an immersive virtual surround sound field. Qmp3D works with all files playable by the Winamp player, including MP3, WAV, WMA and more. Your audio will sound better - guaranteed!What special product features does Qmp3D have?Qmp3D includes audio effects that are not found on other QSound products, including QBassTM and QVerbTM. QBass is an adjustable bass boost enhancement feature, designed to work dynamically with Qmp3D's audio expansion process. The QVerb feature allows users to choose from 3 different adjustable listening environment settings - stadium, club and cathedral. QVerb is a brand new product feature, not available on any other QSound consumer product.

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