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With MuzicMan, it is now quite feasible to store and manage an entire collection of music CD's on a PC. Using the new 20GB IDE disks which are available today, one can store up to 500 CD's on the PC when the music is compressed using MPEG (MP3) technology. Having one's entire music collection instantly accessible and customised enables a new dimension of enjoyment of the music collection. No longer does one have to scratch around to find the CD or it's box, neither will you have to listen to those tracks which you don't like. MuzicMan provides the MPEG music enthusiast with the best possible organisation and easy access to his music files.Only MuzicMan overcomes all the difficulies associated with managing a large number of music files on a PC, especially where the PC configuration may change regularly. Those who have large collections of MPEG music or have ripped and encoded their entire CD collections will understand the frustrations of maintaining playlists and organising their music files.Storing CD music on a PC involves a three stage process:1. Digitally extracting the music from the CD. This process is generally referred to as 'ripping'. The best program available for this is Jackie Frack's AudioGrabber which is available as sharware on the internet.2. Compressing or encoding the extracted music. The fastest program for performing this task is the Xing Encoder. Alternativley, the AudioCatalyst product which combines AudioGrabber and the Xing Encoder may be used. Both of these programs are also available on the internet.3. Organsing and playing the MPEG music. At first, organising the music may not seem imporatant, but before long, proper organisation and access to the music becomes paramount. This is where MuzicMan fits in. MuzicMan's features:- A database providing a logical hierarchical view of the music. In other words, the view is broken up into three sections, namely Artists, Albums and Tracks. This makes it generally possible to loacate and play any track within the entire collection in three mouse clicks or less. The database is built simply by pointing MuzicMan at the locations of the music on the PC and clicking the search button.- Ability to fully categorise all music by Genre, Tempo, Loudness. Music can then later be located within the categories by use of the powerful filter functions.- Support for thirty two users or 'Library Views'. With this function, thirty two different customised views of the same music can be set up in the database. This allows one to further categorise the music collection, or provide different music for different users from the same music collection. Each user can select on an Artist, Album or Track basis the music that he or she wants to have available to play or never wants to see again for that matter!. - Easy to build playlists. Simply right-click the Artist, Album or individual Track names to add to the current playlist. Playlists can be reorganised and saved for later reuse. Because of the way MuzicMan's database works, saved playlists will always work even if the music files have been relocated to another path or disk. - The volume setting, pitch, fade in and fade out points and duration can be permanently set for each track. The pitch adjustment is provided for the user who wants to learn to play a piece of music by ear and would like to 'tune' the particlar track to a musical instrument such as his piano. Controlling the fade in and fade out helps when for playing tracks from live recordings randomly where the applause is continuous between tracks. Each track can be set to fade in and out at any point for any duration.- MuzicMan has a life size, full function MPEG player with large buttons to provide easy operation. A design criteria for MuzicMan is that it can realistically be used as component of a hi-fi system. When set to maximum size, MuzicMan will occupy the entire PC screen including the task bar area so as to give maximum visibility and ea

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