4 Track Mpeg File Mixer

4 Track Mpeg File Mixer




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Win CE/Pocket PC

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Description of 4 Track Mpeg File Mixer:

You can mix 4 Mpeg files to a new Wave file and convert it with a seperat program back to a Mpeg file. Load this once again and mix it together with 3 new Mpeg files to create a hole mix together MPEG-CD.Normalize wave files and convert Mp3 to wave.You can select the Start Position of the 2,3 and 4 Mpeg Player, so that you can do Fade In and Fade Out and mix down together all the Mpeg Files.Volume control from +18 db down to -99 dbBalance (left 100 % - right 100%)DSP consume in % and Drop Outs (if there is one) are displayed in every 50 ms. Mix the 4 Track with wave files and Mpeg files (big waves and big Mpegs are not the problem)The Tracks are so synchronized that you don't hear a delay if you run the same 4 Mpeg files at the same time.Just the output is appropirate louder.Isn't that gread. Try out the free beta version.

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