Mamba - Makes MIDI files from chord sequences. Simulates strummed guitar. Much more besides.




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Mamba - converts Chord Sequences into MIDI files in seconds - main features include:Chord sequences are entered as chord names separated by bar lines - e.g. C | F | G.; There is a shorthand for specifying repeating patterns (with variations if required).; Playing (strumming) Patterns are applied via a simple Drag-and-Drop facility.; 'Windows Explorer' style tree views to manage Tunes and Patterns.; One click make-and-play to generate Midi output then fire up your chosen midi player - defaults to be Windows Media Player, but can be any other program (e.g. a sequencer).; Multiple tracks (8 in the full version).; Can select Midi patches, instrument bank, effects (Reverb/Chorus/Modulation), volume, pan, transpose and timing offsets for each track.; Randomisation feature to avoid 'inhuman' perfection.; Hundreds of chords and chord 'voicings'.; Dozens of pre-defined playing patterns - but you can define, store and organize your own.

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