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Dear musicians!Professionals and amateurs!We are glad to present you our software product designed to considerably lighten the work on musical compositions, to save a lot of timeand to simplify creation of final mix! The product is developed by the joint efforts of a musician and programmer; therefore it is easy-to-use,safe, and understandable to anyone, even to the beginning arranger! What can our program "TrackMaster" do for you? It will allow you to convert midi-arrangement created by you with the help of Cakewalk 9thversion, into Audiotracks, to Mix them further in Cakewalk itself or in other programs (Samplitude, Vegas etc.). You can ask a reasonable question "But I myself can convert my arrangement into Audiotracks?!" It¡¯s all correct! But then you will have to: 1. Create manually as many new audiotracks as there are midi-tracks in your composition. (For example 20!) 2. Choose the input of an audio-card record on each of these audio-tracks. 3. Switch on ¡°solo¡± function on the first midi-track. 4. Switch on ¡°rec¡± function on the first audio-track. 5. Start recording and note the time. 6. Return to the computer and stop recording in five-six minutes (although the length of your composition can be more than that!). 7. Repeat ALL from point 3 in order to loose a few more minutes et?.So this stupid work of switching on ¡°solo¡± and ¡°rec¡± functions will take you not less than an hour during which you will constantly have to returnto your computer! How does our "TrackMaster" handle with this job? Easily! After installation and registration of the program you will start our "TrackMaster" then you should create ( below of all your midi-track!) one template Audiotrack for which in "source" column you will specify the input of your audio-card with which you wish to make a recording. Click on this template track before starting! Now press Ctrl+F1 in Cakewalk to start to it the number of the template Audiotrack that you created and will instantly build all others with the same parameter. All further work consists of.... pressing the button Start ?! After that you may go and do what you want, or if the resources of your computer allowyou may work on it in the Internet or do something else! The matter is that ¡°TrackMaster¡± itself will switch on both ¡°solo¡± and ¡°rec¡±, it will itself stop recording (defining the end of a midi-track plus 5 second for reverb!) and choose new tracks for conversion and start again! At this time you may goto the cinema or have dinner, read a book or just sleep a bit! The wonderful ¡°TrackMaster¡± releases you from irksome task; when you come back with fresh energy, you will be able to start MIXING your composition immediately! Thus purchasing the program "TrackMaster", you are getting a lot of free time. For example, if you convert midi-tracks into Audio every three days, youwill get about 100-150 hours of free time for one year! Now what do you think: Can it cost 10 dollars? Decide for yourself whether you are ready to pay 10 dollars for 150 hours of your time and buy our "TrackMaster"! All instructions about "TrackMaster" are available at our Website Good luck to you and new hits!

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