Manytone Acoustic Drums

Manytone Music's Real Acoustic Multisampled Drums in 24bit .wavs.Includes kit files for popular Software Drum Machines. This is the Downloadable ver


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Manytone Acoustic Drums Download

Description of Manytone Acoustic Drums:

- This is the Downloadable Version. 4 .rars, each is approx 22meg - Total 88meg- Unrars to 116meg. Available on CD for $10.00 extra (see our site for info)- Natural 24Bit Acoustic MultiSampled Drums in .wav format- Recorded Digitally in 24Bit using Shure, Rode, AKG and Apex Microphones- Microphones were routed through a Tube Preamp to avoid "Digital Sterility" - All Files are Very High Quality, Extremely Low Noise with Precision Edits- All Files are Mono ...So You can place them where you want them in the Mix.- Plenty of Kicks, Snares, Toms, Hats and Cymbals, all Sampled fom Real Drums- An Awesome Percussion Set with Djembe, Tocajon, Congas and More- Woodblocks, Cowbells, Shakers, RainMakers and Tambourines- Most Sounds have 4 Layers, a few (like the Timbale) have 8 or more- Great for Rock and Roll, Blues, Jazz, Acoustic, Country, Ethnic etc. etc.- Use in any Sampler or Software Program that supports 24bit .wav- Available with Ready to Load Kits for Linplugs RM3 and NI's Battery- More formats planned ( Please Let us know what you want to see.)- Available in .wav so you can "Roll your own kits" if you use another Sampler.

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