DMM-ED1 Extreme Delay VST Audio Plugin

Stereo multiptap delay VST plugin with volume and pan modulation routing options and seamless tempo synchronisation on all controls. The only delay pl




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Description of DMM-ED1 Extreme Delay VST Audio Plugin:

This plugin gives you 2 distinct delay lines, each with 4 taps. Taps can be switched on and off, and have separate level, position and pan controls. Each delay line can be easily syncronised to any length from dotted double bars down to 128th triplets, and each tap can be positioned at any of 16 different points along the delay lines. You can also route individual taps through both a pan and volume oscillator (again with seamless tempo synchronisation options) for truly massive delay algorithms. The effect comes with 8 useful presets ranging from standard delay algorithms through to vocal thickeners and retro autopan/tremolo patches for that funky rhodes sound. The effect can be used as both an insert and a postfade. Be aware that this plugin is for VST2 compliant hosts only - it has been tested on Cubase VST32 5.0 and currently I will only be supporting this product for VST. Try before you buy!
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