BeatModel T1 Plug-in Pack

DirectX plug-in pack including 14 plugins.




$99 (USD)


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Description of BeatModel T1 Plug-in Pack:

The 14 DirectX plug-ins of the BeatModel T1 Plug-in Pack: OptiVerb Studio Reverb. Comp 860xd Studio Compressor and Limiter. OptiEQ 7-Band Parametric Equalizer. VStereo 2D Stereo Virtualizer and Widener. ResoBeat Resonant Filtering. RingBeat Ring Modulator. Amplee Amplifier Simulator. Stereo Delay Stereo Delay. Chorus Four Voice Stereo Chorus. Flanger Stereo Flanger. Phaser Twelve Stage Phaser. AutoPan Auto Panner. NoiseGate Noise Gate. Comp-S Fast Compressor. The plug-ins must be used with a wave editor or sequencer that supports DirectX.The plug-ins include help files and presets.For more information visit us at

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