ANWIDA Soft DX Modulation Pack

The DX Modulation Pack is a collection of superior quality modulation effects.




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Description of ANWIDA Soft DX Modulation Pack:

The DX Modulation Pack is a collection of superior quality modulation effects. These DirectX plug-ins embody state of the art algorithms developed with maximum care and no compromise.
The new user interface allows a simple and pleasant editing of the wide number of control parameters available for the effects.
All the DX Modulation Pack plug-ins are Microsoft DirectX compatible, allowing you to use them with any digital audio software that supports this standard.

The DX modulation pack includes 6 discrete plug-ins: phaser, flanger, chorus, tremolo, c-delay, modulated resonant LP filter.

Internal precision : 64 bit
All effects parameters can be updated in real-time
Many and carefully scaled control parameters

System Requirements

Any DirectX-compatible host application (as Sound Forge, ACID, Vegas Pro, Wavelab, Cubase VST, SAWPro, Cakewalk Pro Audio, Cool Edit Pro, n-Track) 133 MHz Pentium processor or 100% equivalent
Microsoft's DirectX Media 5.2 or higher
Windows-compatible sound card
At least 16MB RAM


DirectX is the architectural standard for audio plug-ins Windows platform. It allows users to mix and connect host editors and plug-ins of different manufacturers. As DirectX audio plug-ins, ANWIDA Soft DX modulation pack can be used with any program that supports DirectX audio plug-ins.
DirectX audio plug-ins can be used as real-time effects during record or playback, or used to render audio tracks during off-line editing, in particular the DX Modulation Pack allows real-time editing and updating of any effects parameter.

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