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Media Box MP3 Workstation - all in one CD audio grabber, encoder, decoder, player and lots more!




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Description of Media Box MP3 Workstation:

Media Box is an integrated digital audio management system for encoding, decoding and playback of MP3 (Mpeg layer 3) compressed audio. CD audio can be extracted and encoded to the MP3 format. MP3 files can be decoded to WAV format for playback on standard audio players. The integrated database can be used to sort, filter, search, and play MP3 files. Groups of songs can be loaded and saved as song sets for quick load into the player. The program includes an integrated editor that allows you to create colourful information in Rich Text Format, including photos. The information created can be linked to songs or song directories. The player includes treble, bass, volume, loop, and shuffle controls. Treble and bass settings can be memorised for each song.CDDB2Media Box uses the CDDB2 Enhanced Disc Recognition Service (DRS) from CDDB, Inc. to get the artist, title, track, credit, and other information about the CD's you play and encode.Music BrowserThe Music Browser displays tour information, television appearances, and other information about your Audio CD.

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